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We don’t know what brought you here today, but we know that everyone who chooses to be a part of the Agape Mentorship Volunteer Program does not walk away untouched. There are many ways to impact a child’s life and even more reasons to do it. Our mentors commit to an hour a week with an Agape child as they serve as a positive, adult role model in their lives. Once a mentor registers, they meet with one of our team members for a quick training and mentorship preparation. Mentors will be matched with either a child they have requested or a child from the waitlist that our team feels will be the best fit for you. Agape Families is committed to healthy, ongoing relationships between mentors and mentees and we will work to care for you and your mentee throughout the process.

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“Volunteering with Agape has helped me step out of my comfort zone and answer ‘what good can one person do when the need is so great?’ I’ve embraced my inadequacies and let God show me how to nurture relationships with hurting kids. Mentorship is only an hour a week of doing life with someone who just needs to know they’re worthy. It’s not perfect, but it is ‘good’ and it’s what I can do here, now, and it’s altogether worth it!”

Christy Curtis, Mentor and Adventure Camp Cabin Leader

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