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Agape Families is an Oregon-based non-profit that aims to provide hope and stability to families impacted by incarceration. We achieve this goal by hosting summer camps, mentorship programs, follow up events and more.

Agape Families was first established in 2012 in response to the estimated 22,000 children impacted by incarceration throughout the state of Oregon. These youth currently face a number of challenges in their lives including economic hardships, health concerns, academic difficulties, housing deficiencies, and more. Without hope or resources, these youth are placed on a trajectory of continued poverty or incarceration, with many of the choices being handed to them rather than made for themselves. This is why we are here — to increase the likelihood of these youth succeeding by providing various programs for not only youth but an entire family unit.

We offer camps for kids specific to their geographic location, youth mentorship and follow-up programs, mentorship and support for individuals transitioning out of prison, inside prison programs for currently incarcerated parents or family members, and more. Since 2012 we have grown to two cities with five camps and two established mentorship programs, as well as hosting events and fundraising efforts throughout the year.

The vision for Agape Families is to continue to provide services for all families, and all family members, that have been impacted by incarceration. We believe that it is through the redemption of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we have hope and stability, so we aim to teach people how to understand that truth and live it out everyday.

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We hope you find your family here, at Agape Families.

Our Staff

We are the kind of people who love having fun, being with people, and living out the hope of the Gospel everyday. Our passion lies in loving others well and supporting them through troubling times. We have found our home at Agape Families and love getting to live that out everyday.

about agape families

Faith Gilchrist


From: Beaverton, Oregon
Been with Agape since: Cabin Leader in 2013, Camp Administrator in 2014, Camp Director in 2017
Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version)
Favorite Thing About Agape: Camp, but more specifically our final campfire night

about agape families

Ellie Lewis

Administration & Event Coordinator

From: Eugene, Oregon
Been with Agape since: Cabin leader since 2014
Favorite Movie: This is hard, probably Peanut Butter Falcon or Gifted
Favorite Thing About Agape: Creating great relationships with campers during camp and seeing them the next year and picking up right where we left off!

about agape families

Andy Papendieck


From: Born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin!
Been with Agape since: Agape Families founder since 2012
Favorite Movie: Tie between Gladiator & Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Thing About Agape: There are so many, but if I have to pick one it would have to be the long term “heart connections” that develop between leaders and kids who participate in our year round programs and keep coming back to camp.

about agape families

Jesse Aguero


From: Born and raised in Sacramento, CA
Been with Agape since: Served in multiple roles since the first Eugene Camp in 2012
Favorite Movie: Tough choice, I love movies! Probably a tie between Tombstone and Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Thing About Agape: Seeing the change in kids from the beginning of camp to the end, and their continued growth through the mentorship program.

about agape families

Charis Gley

Program & Volunteer Coordinator

From:Portland, Oregon
Been with Agape since:
Cabin leader since 2020
Favorite Movie: La La Land
Favorite Thing About Agape: Getting to bring the light and joy of the gospel to kids who need it!

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