Agape Youth Mentorship

There are 361 days outside of camp that our Agape youth are existing in. It’s a difficult world of incarceration impacts, temptation and daily struggles. To meet our mission of providing stability, we created the Agape Youth Mentorship Program. This program is meant to connect kids with a trained mentor who will meet with them one on one weekly to teach them valuable life skills, encourage them to follow their ambitions, and set personal goals for a better life. Our mentors have found that their time with the Agape youth have been a tremendous blessing and the kids and parents love having this positive role model in their life. Agape Youth Mentorship is currently open to mentors and families in the Eugene and Salem area.

“Mentoring has been such a rewarding experience because as our relationship has grown I have gotten to see the real her, the one that she likes to hide from most people. I get to see her acting like a kid instead of having to be “cool and mature” all the time. I have seen her break down and be vulnerable when it was scary for her to do. I have watched her grow into a leader at camp, encouraging and mentoring other girls in her cabin, and being such a role model. I didn’t initially intend to become a mentor. I just thought I would give her rides to events, but now I am so glad that God called me to Mentorship even though the idea seemed intimidating at first.”

Brianna Hines, Agape Youth Camp Cabin Leader and Mentor

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